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Integrated Green Energy Limited

  • OCTOBER 23, 2015: Integrated Green Energy Limited has Executed a Term Sheet To Construct a Plastics to Fuel Facility in the USA. IGE has advised that it has executed a Term Sheet with a USA based company, GEP Fuel & Energy LLC (“GEP”) to Design and Construct a 1,500 tonnes per day Plastics to Fuel Facility at Port Arthur, Texas. Commencement of the Facility is anticipated by calendar year end 2015. IGE has also advised that in addition to the fees receivable for the Design & Construct component of the Port Arthur Texas Facility, IGE will receive a 15 year Royalty Stream commencing at 4% of Gross Sales and a 5% equity position in the US entity. GEP will have the right to construct a further 4 Plastic to Fuel Facilities throughout the USA utilising the IGE technology under the same commercial terms as outlined above. All rights and responsibilities for the facility will transfer to FOY, on successful completion of the IGE transaction.
  • AUGUST 26, 2015: Integrated Green Energy Limited Memorandum of Understanding Executed. IGE has advised that it has executed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with a USA based company to provide the technology for the construction of a Plastics to Fuel facility near Houston, Texas. The facility is being planned to process 1,500 tonnes per day of waste plastics. All rights and responsibilities for the facility will transfer to FOY, on successful completion of the IGE acquisition.

  • AUGUST 4, 2015: Integrated Green Energy Limited Feedstock Contract Executed. IGE has advised that it has executed a new feedstock supply agreement, replacing the feedstock supply agreement described in FOY’s announcement of 10 April 2015. The Feedstock Agreement gives significantly more certainty to the arrangements for securing sufficient feedstock to operate IGE’s commercial non-recyclable plastic to fuel plant in Berkeley Vale, New South Wales. The agreement has a start date of 1 October 2015 and is for up to 10 years with an initial 5 year period and an optional 5 year extension, with both parties to review the agreement before the end of its 5 year term regarding the further 5 year extension. IGE has secured supply up to specified maximum quantities, with fixed yearly prices for its non-recyclable plastic as low as $160 per tonne (plus GST) under the Feedstock Agreement.
  • JULY 30, 2015: Integrated Green Energy Limited Transaction Approved by Shareholders. FOY shareholders have approved the IGE transaction at the recent EGM. The transaction includes the acquisition of IGE assets, including the first fully constructed non-recyclable plastics to fuel conversion plant, in addition to royalty-free, perpetual licences to commercialise three specific technologies: non-recyclable plastics to fuel conversion (NRPTF Technology), biomass to fuel conversion BTF Technology) and biomass to energy conversion (BTE Technology). The management team to operate the plant, and other assets used exclusively in IGE’s business, including feedstock contract and the property lease at Berkeley Vale are also included in the transaction.
  • MAY 18, 2015: Commissioning of the Berkeley Vale Plastics-to-Fuel Plant. Integrated Green Energy Limited has advised that the first phase of commissioning of the Berkeley Vale plastics to fuels plant has been completed successfully. Road-ready fuels have been produced which will be independently tested and evaluated. Further commissioning activities and enhancements to the Plant will be undertaken over the course of the coming weeks, including further testing and validation, to improve the operating processes, increase productivity and enhance product quality.  Read Announcement.
  • APR 28, 2015: Australia’s Liquid Fuel Security Report, Part 2. The second instalment of Australia’s Liquid Fuel Security Report (Part 2, February 2014) is a followup to the original report in 2013. Prepared by John Blackburn AO and commissioned by NRMA Motoring and Services, it reviews Australia’s liquid fuel security and the growing risks to our fuel supply chain. It comments that “Australians are heavily dependent on energy imports, with over 90% of domestic transport liquid fuels being sourced from imported oil or refined oil products; Our transport system and, in turn, our society is almost wholly oil dependent – we are at risk if we experience supply chain interruptions”.  Click on the Report to open.

    • APR 10, 2015: Contracts Secured for Feedstock. IGE has secured a second feedstock contract to supply the 50 tonnes per day of non-recyclable plastics for the diesel Commercial Plant at Berkeley Vale, NSW. These two contracts will supply the entire feedstock requirements of the Commercial Plant for the first three years to June 2018, as throughput increases from 50 to 200 tonnes per day, by the scheduled installation of a further three production modules.
      IGE has advised that the second contract is on significantly better terms than the budgeted target cost and the price actually decreases annually, as supplied volumes increase throughout the duration of the contract.
       Read more.
    • MAR 30, 2015: Fuel Purification System Installed. The massive 8m tall fuel purification system has been installed onto the Catalytic Reforming Module. The fuel purification system was built in a secure workshop to protect the intellectual property secrets and designs which allow it to efficiently purify over 2.5 tonnes per hour of plastic derived fuel. After manufacturing, it was then crane lifted into place in several pieces and assembled in-situ. “The facility is really starting to take shape, and we are on target for commissioning.” says Bevan Dooley, CEO. Read more.

  • UPDATE MAR 26, 2015: CRM Lifted Into Place. The giant Catalytic Reforming Module (CRM) which acts as the heart of the IGE non-recyclable plastics-to-fuel facility has been crane lifted into place at the core of the facility. Larger than a double-decker bus, and weighing over 20 tonnes, moving it was a major operation requiring two 20-tonne cranes and one 80-tonne crane. The platform, along with electrical and piping connections has already been prepared and the CRM fit smoothly into place. The team are now connecting all sensors, process and quality control equipment, piping and utility services to the CRM. “We are on target for the start of commissioning in one month” says Bevan Dooley, CEO. Read more.

  • UPDATE MAR 23, 2015: Catalytic Reforming Module Completed. The heart of the IGE non-recyclable plastics-to-fuel facility is the Catalytic Reforming Module (CRM). This hi-tech device lies at the core of the facility and subjects the plastics to high temperatures and catalytic media in the absence of oxygen in order to convert them to fuel. Read more.


  • UPDATE MAR 18, 2015: Binding Agreement Executed with IGE. FOY has entered into a binding Agreement with Integrated Green Energy Limited (IGE) to acquire  royalty-free, perpetual licences  to commercialise their technologies for plastics to fuel conversion, biomass to fuel conversion, and biomass to energy conversion.
  • Under this Agreement, FOY will also acquire the IGE  commercial non-recyclable plastics to diesel and petrol conversion plant which is under construction at Berkeley Vale, approximately 100kms north of Sydney.
  • These technologies allow the processing of non-recyclable plastic into diesel and  petrol and gas for power generation; and also treatment of Biomass to Fuel and Biomass to Energy.

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Amazon Bay Project

  • Large Exploration Target of vanadiferous titanomagnetite sands spanning over 100km of the southern PNG coastline.
  • EL1396 is the key tenement covering  the deposit and together with other regional approved tenements, FOY has a land holding of 1,434 sq. km.
  • Favourable logistics and proximity to major developments

Board of Directors

  • Strong management track record
  • Clear strategy & structure to create shareholders value. 01